List of Schools with Biometric and/or Spectral Data for 2008-09

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School Biometric Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
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Coastal Christian School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1337 T1338 T1339 T1340 T1431 
Concord High School N.A.Spectral Data T011 T012 T013 T014 T015 
Fall Mt. High School-4 Biometric DataSpectral Data T671 T672 T673 T674 T675 
Gilmanton School Biometric DataSpectral Data T371 T372 T373 T374 T375 
Hampton Academy N.A.Spectral Data T1601 T1602 T1603 T1604 T1605 
Hanson Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1661 T1662 T1663 T1664 T1665 
Kingswood High School-1st Biometric DataSpectral Data T1501 T1172 T1173 T1174 T1175 
Kingswood High School-2nd Biometric DataSpectral Data T1086 T1087 T1089 T1090 T1488 
Litchfield High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1016 T1017 T1018 T1019 T1020 
Lyme Elementary School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1366 T1367 T1368 T1369 T1370 
Mascoma Valley HS (1st) Biometric DataSpectral Data T401 T403 T404 T405 
Mascoma Valley HS (2nd) Biometric DataSpectral Data T400 
Meridian Academy N.A.Spectral Data T1801 T1802 T1803 T1804 T1805 
Merrimack Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1481 T1482 T1483 T1484 T1485 T1486 
Monadnock High School-2nd Biometric DataSpectral Data T1012 T1013 T1014 T1015 
Monadnock High School-5th Biometric DataSpectral Data T1266 T1267 T1268 T1269 T1270 
Morse High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1741 T1742 T1743 T1744 T1745 
Noble Jr. High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T496 T498 T499 
Oyster River High School N.A.Spectral Data T1582 T1583 T1587 T1588 
RHAM High School-2 Biometric DataSpectral Data T1301 T1302 T1305 
RHAM High School-3 Biometric DataSpectral Data T1307 T1310 
RHAM High School-4 Biometric DataSpectral Data T1311 T1312 T1314 T1315 
RHAM High School-5 Biometric DataSpectral Data T1317 T1318 T1319 T1320 
Rye Jr. High Biometric DataSpectral Data T1166 
Sanborn Regioanl High School N.A.Spectral Data T1641 T1642 T1643 T1644 T1645 
Salem High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T231 T232 T233 T234 T1351 
Sant Bani School N.A.Spectral Data T096 T097 T098 T099 T100 
Springfield Central High School N.A.Spectral Data T1736 T1737 T1738 
St. Johnsbury Middle School-3 Biometric DataSpectral Data T1551 T1552 T1553 T1554 T1555 
St. Johnsbury Middle School-4 N.A.Spectral Data T1806 T1807 T1808 T1809 T1810 
Tolland High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1751 T1752 T1753 T1754 T1755 
Weathersfield Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T1681 T1682 T1683 T1684 T1685