List of Schools with Biometric and/or Spectral Data for 1995-96

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School Biometric Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
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Bonny Eagle Biometric DataSpectral Data T276 T277 T278 T279 T280 
Canaan Elementary Biometric DataSpectral Data T136 T137 T138 T139 T140 
Conant High School N.A.Spectral Data T006 T007 T008 T009 T010 
Conval High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T141 T142 T143 T144 T145 
Crotched Mt. School N.A.Spectral Data T016 T017 T018 T019 T020 
Deerfield Community School Biometric DataSpectral Data T146 T147 T148 T149 T150 
Dover High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T026 T027 T028 T029 T030 
Elm Street Jr. High Biometric DataSpectral Data T176 T032 T033 T034 T035 
Gilmanton School Biometric DataSpectral Data T371 T372 T373 T374 T375 
Hanson School N.A.Spectral Data T276 T277 T278 T279 T280 
Hollis/Brookline High Biometric DataSpectral Data T051 T052 T053 T054 T055 
Kearsarge Regional Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T166 T167 T168 T169 T170 
Keene High School N.A.Spectral Data T056 T057 T058 T059 T190 
Kennebunk High School N.A.Spectral Data T171 T172 T173 T174 T175 
Kenneth Brett School Biometric DataSpectral Data T061 T062 T063 T064 T065 
Kennett High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T066 T067 T068 T069 T070 
Lyme Elementary School Biometric DataSpectral Data T191 T192 T193 T194 T195 
Mabel Wilson School Biometric DataSpectral Data T326 T328 T329 T330 
Maple Street School Biometric DataSpectral Data T071 T072 T073 T074 T075 
Marshwood Jr. High N.A.Spectral Data T341 T342 T343 T344 T345 
Mastricola Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T076 T077 T078 T079 T080 
Medomak Valley High School N.A.Spectral Data T356 T357 T358 T359 T360 
Memorial Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T206 T207 T208 T209 T210 
Merrimack High School N.A.Spectral Data T216 T217 T218 T219 T220 
Moultonborough Academy N.A.Spectral Data T221 T222 T223 T224 T225 
Noble Jr. High N.A.Spectral Data T316 T317 T318 T319 T320 
Northwood School Biometric DataSpectral Data T226 T227 T228 T229 T230 
Oyster River High School N.A.Spectral Data T361 T362 T363 T364 T365 
Phillips Exeter Academy Biometric DataSpectral Data T121 T122 T123 T124 T125 
Pinkerton Academy Biometric DataSpectral Data T086 T087 T088 T089 T090 
Rundlett School N.A.Spectral Data T091 T092 T093 T094 T095 
Salem High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T178 T231 T232 T233 T234 
Sant Bani School Biometric DataSpectral Data T096 T097 T098 T099 T100 
Sea Road School Biometric DataSpectral Data T236 T237 T238 T239 T240 
Souhegan High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T101 T102 T103 T104 T105 
The Community School N.A.Spectral Data T246 T247 T248 T249 T250 
Whitefield Elementary School Biometric DataSpectral Data T111 T112 T114 T115 T177