Forest Watch conducts basic and applied research on New England forest ecosystems. Research data is collected by teachers & students (gr. K-12), sampled from trees in their study plot.

Study Species
  • White Pine
  • Sugar Maple

The Forest Watch program is funded by the New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium, located at Univ. of New Hampshire Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space.

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Forest Watch Objectives

Educational Objectives of Forest Watch

  • Engage K-12 students in authentic science.
  • Engage students in using 21st century scientific and technological tools.
  • Enhance students’ critical thinking about science.
  • Develop students’ data analysis and communication skills.
  • Encourage team-work and inquiry-based learning.
  • Meet state and national standards in science, technology and mathematics.
  • Build students’ interest in and aptitudes for science, technology and mathematics.

Science Objectives of Forest Watch

  • Assess white pine health at both the local and regional level.
  • Correlate student biometric measurements with spectral measurements of needles.
  • Compare biometric and spectral measurements with tropospheric ozone data.
  • Document the use of white pine as a bio-indicator of the health of New England forests.
  • Develop a long-term database.
  • Assess white pine health using a site index.