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March 2014

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Forest Watch Twigs

March 2014


Lots More in the New Data Book

THE DATA BOOK for 2012-2013 school year studies, details new efforts by New England and mid-Atlantic states to reduce ozone emissions even more.  This year 19 schools monitored 110 trees this year.  We want to welcome eight new teachers, their students and schools:

  • George Schaab from Morse High, Bath, Maine
  • Stephanie Kinkel from Meridian Academy, Brookline, MA
  • Michael Gagnon, Alvirne High School, Hollis, NH
  • Katri Jackson, Dublin School, Dublin, NH
  • Bill Emerson, French Pond School, Woodsville, NH
  • Marshall Davenson, Keene High School, Keene, NH
  • Sarah Thorne, Prospect Mountain High School, Alton, NH
  • Christy Johnson, Windham High School, Windham, NH

Another five new schools established study plots in the 2012-2013 school year.  Look for their first data entries in the next Data Book.

  windham nh needle samples

Sample needles from Wndham High School show two-year needles, a bit brown but much improved over 2010 and 2011.

Overall the trees are in good health and, as mentioned in the previous stories, they are setting records for resilience. 

Chapter two of the Data Book explores how ozone is formed.  The Ozone Transport Region is introduced here.  Governors in nine New England States are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten standards on ozone in mid-western states.  The governors say they have done almost everything that they can do in their home states.  What does that mean in your State? Part II of this chapter offers a number of suggestions for interesting research projects.

The Data Book Review, a power point about this research, presents a summary of 2012 findings, the latest ozone politics and even some math puzzles about white pine resilience.  Each school’s data is recorded here.