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March 2014

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Forest Watch Twigs

March 2014


Science ChallengePINE NEEDLES were a record length in 2012. They are 12.5% longer than we’ve seen in 22 years!  Is 12.5% a lot?  Are a few billion more chlorophyll molecules going to make a difference to one pine tree?  Will a tree with more needles or longer needles be healthier than a tree with fewer needles or shorter needles?
Create an experiment in which you test the health of pine trees depending upon the length of their needles or the number of needles. 

Submit your Proposed Experiment including Hypothesis, Method, Materials, Results and Discussion.  Use technology in your experiment and presentation.

Forest Watch will share student experiments on this website.  A winner will be selected by teachers at the 2014 Summer Workshop.  Don’t forget to tell us your name, age, grade, school and your science teacher’s name and email.