List of Schools with Biometric and/or Spectral Data for 2004-05

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School Biometric Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
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Ashland Nature Center N.A.Spectral Data T1491 T1492 T1493 T1494 T1495 
Bishop McDevitt High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1416 T1417 T1418 T1419 T1420 
Cape Cod Academy Biometric DataSpectral Data T060 T627 T628 T629 T630 
Central High School N.A.Spectral Data T2016 T2017 T2018 T2019 T2020 
Coastal Christian School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1431 T1432 T1433 T1434 T1435 
Concord High School N.A.Spectral Data T011 T012 T013 T014 T015 
Crotched Mountain School N.A.Spectral Data T16 T17 T18 T19 T20 
Errol Consolidated School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1456 T1457 T1458 T1459 T1460 
Fall Mt. High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T671 T672 T673 T674 T675 
Fall Mt. School Biometric DataSpectral Data T801 T802 T803 T804 T805 
Gilmanton School Biometric DataSpectral Data T371 T372 T373 T374 T375 
Glasgow High School N.A.Spectral Data T1361 T1362 T1363 T1364 T1365 
Goffstown High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1386 T1387 T1388 T1389 T1390 
Goffstown High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1426 T1427 T1428 T1429 T1430 
Goshen Lempster School N.A.Spectral Data T1411 T1412 T1413 T1414 T1415 
Granite State High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T487 T489 
John Stark High School N.A.Spectral Data T746 T747 T748 T749 T750 
Kennett High School N.A.N.A.N.A.
Kingswood High School-1st Biometric DataSpectral Data T1501 T1172 T1173 T1174 T1175 
Kingswood High School-2nd Biometric DataSpectral Data T1086 T1087 T1088 T1089 T1090 
Lisbon Regional School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1126 T1127 T1128 T1129 T1130 
Londonderry High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T976 T977 T978 T979 T980 
Lyme Elementary School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1366 T1367 T1368 T1369 T1370 
Mabel Wilson School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1136 T1137 T1138 T1139 T1140 
Mascoma Valley HS (1st) Biometric DataSpectral Data T401 T402 T403 T404 T405 
Mascoma Valley HS (2nd) Biometric DataN.A.N.A.
Mascoma Valley High School(3rd) Biometric DataSpectral Data T706 T707 T708 T709 T710 
Mashpee High School N.A.N.A. T1236 T1237 T1238 T1239 T1240 
Mastricola Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T076 T077 T078 T079 T080 
Merrimack Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1481 T1482 T1483 T1484 T1485 T1486 
Milton Academy N.A.Spectral Data T1336 T1096 T1097 T1098 T1099 T1100 
Milton Academy N.A.Spectral Data T1502 T1503 
Monadnock High School-2nd Biometric DataSpectral Data T1012 T1013 T1014 T1015 
Monadnock High School-5th Biometric DataSpectral Data T1266 T1267 T1268 T1269 T1270 
Newfound Memorial Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T2046 T2047 T2048 T2049 T2050 
Noble Jr. High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T496 T497 T498 T499 T500 
Northwood School N.A.Spectral Data T1131 T1132 T1133 T1134 T1135 
Putney Central School Biometric DataSpectral Data T546 T547 T548 T549 T550 
RHAM High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T606 T607 T608 T609 T610 
Rivendell Academy-3rd Biometric DataSpectral Data T1506 T1507 T1508 T1509 T1510 
Rye Jr. High N.A.Spectral Data T1166 T1167 T1168 T1169 T1170 
Salem High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T178 T231 T232 T233 T234 
Sant Bani School Biometric DataSpectral Data T096 T097 T098 T099 T100 
Sewell Anderson School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1196 T1197 T1198 T1199 T1200 
Shapleigh School Biometric DataSpectral Data T926 T927 T928 T929 T930 
Somersworth Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1341 T1342 T1343 T1344 T1345 
St. Johnsbury Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T1371 T1372 T1373 T1374 T1375 
Talley Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T1496 T1497 T1498 T1499 T1500 
The Community School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1031 T1032 T1033 T1034 T1035