List of Schools with Biometric and/or Spectral Data for 2001-02

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School Biometric Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
Excel Spreadsheet
Spectral Data
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Bonny Eagle School N.A.Spectral Data T276 T277 T278 T279 T280 
Cape Cod Academy Biometric DataSpectral Data T060 T627 T628 T629 T630 
Chesterfield School N.A.Spectral Data T1006 T1007 T1008 T1009 T1010 
Chesterfield School N.A.Spectral Data T981 T983 T984 T985 
Concord High School N.A.Spectral Data T011 T012 T013 T014 T015 
Conval High School N.A.Spectral Data T141 T142 T143 T144 T145 
Deerfield Community School N.A.Spectral Data T146 T147 T149 T150 T1271 
E.Hartford/Glastonbury N.A.Spectral Data T179 T182 T183 
Elm Street Jr. High N.A.Spectral Data T032 T033 T034 T035 T176 
Franklin High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1056 T1057 T1058 T1059 T1060 
Fall Mt. School Biometric DataSpectral Data T801 T802 T803 T804 T805 
Gardiner Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T1081 T1082 T1083 T1084 T1085 
Gilmanton School Biometric DataSpectral Data T371 T372 T373 T374 T375 
Har-Bur Middle School Biometric DataN.A.N.A.
Hollis Brookline Jr High N.A.Spectral Data T051 T052 T053 T055 T390 
John Stark High School N.A.Spectral Data T746 T747 T748 T749 T750 
Kennett High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T066 T067 T068 T069 T070 
Kennett High School N.A.Spectral Data T871 T872 T873 T874 T875 
Lewis Mills High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T576 T577 T578 T579 T580 
Lisbon Regional School Biometric DataSpectral Data T991 T992 T994 T995 
Litchfield High School(Fall) N.A.Spectral Data T1016 T1017 T1018 T1019 T1020 
Litchfield High School(Spring) Biometric DataSpectral Data T1016 T1017 T1018 T1019 T1020 
Londonderry High School N.A.Spectral Data T976 T977 T978 T979 T980 
Marshwood Jr. High N.A.Spectral Data T341 T343 T344 T345 
Mascoma Valley HS (1st) Biometric DataSpectral Data T401 T402 T403 T404 T405 
Mascoma Valley HS (2nd) Biometric DataSpectral Data T396 T397 T398 T399 T400 
Mashpee High School N.A.Spectral Data T641 T642 T643 T644 T645 
Mastricola Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T076 T077 T078 T079 T080 
Mastricola Middle School Biometric DataN.A.N.A.
Metcalf School N.A.Spectral Data T446 T447 T448 T449 T450 
Monadnock High School N.A.Spectral Data T1001 T1002 T1003 T1004 T1005 
Monadnock High School N.A.Spectral Data T1011 T1012 T1013 T1014 T1015 
Montpelier High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T561 T562 T563 T564 T565 
Noble Jr. High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T496 T497 T498 T499 T500 
Northwestern Middle School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1241 T1242 T1243 T1244 T1245 
Park Elementary School Biometric DataSpectral Data T451 T452 T453 T454 T455 
Pinkerton Academy N.A.Spectral Data T086 T087 T088 T089 T090 
Putney Central School N.A.Spectral Data T546 T547 T548 T549 T550 
Riverside School Biometric DataSpectral Data T971 T972 T973 T974 T975 
Rye Jr. High Biometric DataSpectral Data T951 T952 T953 T954 T955 
Salem High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T231 T232 T233 T234 T178 
Sant Bani School Biometric DataSpectral Data T096 T097 T098 T099 T100 
Shapleigh School Biometric DataSpectral Data T926 T927 T928 T929 T930 
Simsbury High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T580 T581 T582 T583 T584 T585 
Souhegan High School Biometric DataSpectral Data T101 T102 T103 T104 T105 
South Meadow School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1076 T1077 T1078 T1079 T1080 
St. Johnsbury Middle School N.A.Spectral Data T1021 T1246 T551 T556 T557 
Strafford School N.A.Spectral Data T786 T787 T788 T789 T790 
The Community School Biometric DataSpectral Data T1031 T1032 T1033 T1034 T1035 
Whitefield School N.A.Spectral Data T111 T115 
Woonsocket High School N.A.Spectral Data T421 T422 T423 T424 T425